Great news on shipping the Omnia!

There’s great news at indiegogo updates page! Production of routers is scheduled to begin next Monday (5 September). The production capacity seems to be about 500 routers per week.

I’m trying to contain my excitement :slight_smile: My Order ID (on the indiegogo page) is 546; my Contribution Date is 13 Nov 2015.

Is there any way to estimate the ETA of my router? Thanks again for all your good work!

I don’t think there is a good way to estimate. Earlier cz.nic people have told us that they are having logistics challenges due to the huge number of combinations of perks that backers have ordered, and they aim to manufacture and ship each “similar” combination in one batch. So unless they have discovered a better solution for this we cannot estimate the shipping time based solely on order id, or in worst case, at all.

PS. I’m also hoping they would be able to follow Indiegogo’s order id for the shipping :slight_smile:

@white, Well if that might be the problem, then you could say logically that backers who are with the largest group with similar products, could be getting their stuff first and the backers having perks that were not backed by the majority could become the group that comes later on because of the more ¨complicated¨ order.

If i am not mistaken would be the group with Turris Omnia (black color) + wifi + case + 2 GB RAM + wall mount. (Me being one of those :joy: )

It could indeed be that i am wrong, but i HOPE NOT :P… my Indiegogo´s order ID is way back in the 6000´s :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Wait a MINUTE!!.. i was just looking at the order ID´s. Every ¨perk¨ has a different Order ID. So it is NOT necessary that if you for example have Order ID 7000 that you indeed are number 7000. So it could be way less people if you combine all the perks together.

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cz.nic’s Filip is saying that they have about 4000 router orders.

Like I said here:

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Cannot hold my feet still. Order is about ~1400, so maybe batch 2 or 3… MUST… HAVE… PRECIOUS! :grin:

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My order ID is 1400 :smiley:

I wish I had ID 140 but at least I have locked order.

In case people missed it, here is what Bedrich Kosata wrote to the comments section on IndieGoGo’s page four days ago:

The shipping will be mostly defined by the manufacturing process where there is a predefined sequence of hardware configurations and colors. As such batches are not very big, the shipping of most of them will be done in one week, but there might be some continent/country related influence as well if the shipping company needs to optimize some shipments, especially to countries with a smaller amount of backers. Because of this, we do not want to publish the exact plan not to cause confusion.

Nooo! Wrong color and amount of RAM… :sob:


One week gone since last update, how was the production week? :wink:

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Latest update says 650 routers each week being manufactured. If everything goes according to plan, in about 5 weeks ALL the routers must be manufactured and in about 6 weeks they all must have been shipped. In about 8 weeks ALL the backers must have received their Omnia router.

All in all… good progress…Just moved in a new apartment so by then all the things that need to be done (painting etc.) should also be done. Great present to receive by then :).

It’s a pity new update is so short. What variants will be shipped in this batch? (or what 1GB variants will not?)
Could you post some photos from shipping company? Pics of complete routers, not boards only.

What is a predefined sequence of hardware configurations and colors? (I know this may differ from real shipping sequence for some continents/countries)

Correcting Big_boss’ a bit:
4000 / 650-700 means about 6 weeks total for every production step. There are 3 steps: PCB production, transportation and finalization. They are about one week. So the last router may leave at the end of october. Add a shipping estimate and you know when it should be with you.

About 1800 devices are 1 GB versions.
Out of these about 450 are silver, 450 are blue and 900 are black.
The board only ones are only 100 or so in total so i ignore them for now.
@pav All 1GB PCBs should be finished by the end of this week.

If they don’t change something with the ordering of colors or something bad happens i may get my blue 2GB in about one month.

Why i said “8 weeks”. Is people having received their Omnia router. I also gave a good enough time for shipping to take place so that people could receive the Omnia router. Some times shipping is taking the tourist route to get to it’s destination.

Whatever it might be, if things still go as planned, then my calculation with extra time of 2 weeks that comes to 8 weeks, all the backers should already have cuddled with their Omnia router :slight_smile: