GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo) and LTE Antenne selection

I bought a sierra wireless extension.

Now the question remaining is, if can just reuse the antennas of the 2.4 Ghz WiFi for at least LTE?

Any recommendations?

Reusing the Wifi antennas is not possible. I use Poynting A-OMNI-0085 for my GSM/UMTS (different use case, not for data but for voice) card. This antenna also works for LTE on all currently relevant bands.

For GNSS i use the integrated antenna on my GPS module. This will be replaced by a active multisystem GNSS antenna once i find time to replace the GPS modules (u-blox 7 and MTK) with something more sophisticated (custom built u-blox LEA-8T module).

Thanks for the link!

Since the PCIe module already contains GNSS caps, I am good with those, I am just trying to not uglify the router with 3 differnet types of antennas.

Do you by chance know, what the original LTE extension pack included (as in EAN numbers of the parts packed)?

The LTE antennas seem to be custom made for Turris Omnia and not available anywhere.
Even the Wifi ones are only available in white. The antennas used by me are about the same size as the LTE pack ones.

LTE will always look a bit ugly because the wavelength at 700MHz is quite long. Apart from this you should even want to install them perpendicular because LTE makes heavy use of alternate signal paths. Installing them enough apart can also work but requires a cable and a mounting solution.

The same things about signal separation are true for MIMO Wifi. It works in 2.4 GHz as the outer antennas are spaced more than the wavelength apart. For 5 GHz the wavelength is short enough so you are able to use every second hole in the Omnia.