Getting uri failed for luci_controls

when I try to run pkgupdate, I get the following error:

runtime: [string "requests"]:417: [string "utils"]:420: Getting URI ( failed: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

The file doesn’t exist, however, there is a file luci-controls.lua in the same directory. Is there any file where I can fix the URL?

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Is this switch from HBT to HBS? If so then please use in this case schnapps rollback instead.
Package list was renamed and in general package lists were reworked. Migration is only one way. You would have to disable most of the package lists to switch to HBS. Using schnapps is in this case better option I think.

@cynerd I have the same issue, and mine is newly flashed using the 4 LED method (Now at 5.10). Any Idea what it can be?

Turris OS 5.1.0 already contain that file. I suspect that it might be failing for different list and that it is rather Internet connection problem. Please post your error message.

@cynerd My sincerest thanks for giving this your attention

September 16, 2020 4:34 PM

Updater failed: 

runtime: [string "requests"]:417: [string "utils"]:422: Unable to finish URI ( Download failed

September 16, 2020 1:33 PM

Updater failed: 

runtime: [string "requests"]:417: [string "utils"]:420: Getting URI ( failed: Couldn't resolve host ''

You should verify your Internet access. In first message router was disconnected from the Internet during download. In second one the DNS resolution failed… most probably again because unaccessible Internet.