General Questions re updating/upgrading

Hi all. Newbie question… Hardware is Turris Mox modules A+F.

Forris is accessible, and Luci is accessible. I am confused. What systems do we use to update and install packages? Turris OS is set to auto update at the moment. What part does opkg play? When should we use this to install and update packages. Does this conflict with Forris and Luci?

Nextcloud is installed and functioning. Can we update this with opkg? From time to time I get messages saying Nextcloud can be updated. Have you found a good way to do this?

Foris and luci do (un)installing by invoking opkg.

There is a fundamental difference however - Foris utilising the pkgupdate helper whilst LuCI does not.

pkgupdate mitigates some of the design flaws of opkg [1]

That is a notification within the NC instance and being produced by the NC app itself when checking with the NC repo about new releases, thus unrelated to opkg.

Perhaps best to wait for the updated package to arrive in the TOS package feed.

[1] Updater selhal: Failed to fork command /tmp/updater-busybox-<random_number>/busybox: Out of memory (#291) · Issues · Turris / updater / updater · GitLab

Should we invoke pkgupdate from the command line? I am not sure if it is clear in Luci - which packages are available for updating.

Packages showing in LuCI as eligible for update will also be updated with pkgupdate, however as mentioned previously there is a difference in the update methodology. Updating packages via LuCI is discouraged by OpenWrt and odds are high that it will bork the system.

Hi, thanks for your comment. I have auto update selected in Turris. Do I need to worry about updating anything manually?