FS US: 2GB Turris Omnia (Silver), Hacker Pack, Wall Mount, NAS Upgrade

I did not anticipate the long wait for the release and have gone in a different direction.

Selling all for $405 (what I paid) + Shipping

I am located in the US, SE Michigan

Items in this lot:
2GB Turris Omnia (Silver)
Hacker Pack
Wall Mount
NAS Upgrade (Default Black)

NOTE: All items are new, unused, never powered on.

Sorry, but $405 is too much. Could you offer any discount?

$405 is what was paid, so that’s what I am asking. Just breaking even, thanks.

I wouldn’t say that’s too much.
Look on Alza for example they increased price for Turris Omnia 2GB WiFi now it cost 9335 CZK.

Of course you can find it cheaper (8322 CZK suntech), but I think 405$ for all these things are acceptable.

NAS upgrade cost 79$ + shipping. Hacker pack 39$ (maybe again with additional shipping) and wall mount cost 9$ w/o shipping.

So you can have Omnia for around 260$ (included shipping for things which I mention) that’s good price tho for 3 yrs warranty!

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Thanks @Pepe, that’s exactly what I did. I went into my indiegogo account and looked at the $ totals for each item, added them up, and that is what I am asking:

Wall Mount - $9
NAS - $99
Hacker Pack - $39
2GB Upgrade - $49
Turris - $209

Total $405

OK, but they have different prices for new and newish things on Alza. And this offer is the newish thing for me. New thing is only from producer. But it is only my point of view.

What was in the hacker’s pack? Just curious.

Special cover and USB-Serial cable.

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It’s a custom top to the router that has machine cut access holes to the important points of the mother board, as well as a USB to TTL adapter for programming.

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ah. neat. pointless to me since i have the NAS box and a few usb-serial cables, but thanks.