Foris UI - Which DNS is used?

I have Turris Omnia with the latest firmware 3.11 and I’m confused by DNS setup in the Forris. In the UI tab “Wan” I could configure DSN servers and in the tab “DNS” as DNS forwarder also. Which DNS server is really used???

As far as I understand:

In WAN Tab you specify your „Provider‘s DNS Resolver“ which would also be configured through DHCP if you use it on WAN interface.

This DNS resolver is used if you enable forwarding and select „Provider‘s DNS Resolver“ in DNS Tab.

Apart from that you can use another DNS resolver to forward to by selecting it in DNS Tab from the predefined list or you can disable forwarding completely, so that your local DNS resolver (most likely kresd on Omnia) resolves DNS recursivly.

As long as you don‘t modify dnsmasq config (In LAN Interface in LuCi) your local DNS resolver on your Turris (Omnia) will always be propagated to your LAN Clients and either will forward DNS querys as described above or will resolve them on its own.


I’m politely asking Turris team to explain the DNS server duality. Pleas explain us you thoughts…