Foris storage plugin - other IO intensive applications

Aside from the mentioned Nextcloud and LXC what are those other IO intensive applications being moved by the plugin?

Is it possible to make system logs persistent on a drive other than the internal flash drive?

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Some other logs to be written outside EMMC IMHO:

  • Pakon (?)
  • OpenVPN (paths can be adopted directly via config)

I think OpenVPN@OpenWRT has default log path /var/log (/tmp/log).

OpenVPN is using syslog for logs. And Pakon is using /tmp for temporally data collection that is later aggregated to /srv/pakon so it’s handled by storage plugin. And once again logs go to syslog. Only other programs that I know about that are not configured to use syslog are lighttpd, suricata and ddns scripts.

So for most of the cases it’s enough if syslog logs secondary to /srv/log.