Foris not generating valid OpenVPN configurations in 3.11.1?


Many many thanks for that finding.
I used to use OpenVPN for a long time (from the beginning up to release 3.10.3 or 3.10.4 I suppose) for connecting two TOs, but only sporadically. And then it broke with some release, but I didn’t had the time to investigate and test to get it working again (among other things, the disctance is a problem).
It seems, I got it working again! :star_struck:


Sorry, I don’t trust the Foris OpenVPN plugin anymore.

I uninstalled:
foris-controller-openvpn-module 0.5.1-3.6-1
foris-openvpn-plugin 16.4-3.6-1
openvpn-openssl 2.4.6-2

I deleted /etc/config/openvpn & contents of /etc/ssl/ca/openvpn

I upgraded to Turris 3.11.3RC and, reinstalled OpenVPN via Foris Updater. Got a newly generated /etc/config/openvpn. Generated a new CA cert and client certs & conf using the Foris UI.

Still getting the same problem. The VPN will connect, but no packets are making it to the VPN LAN ( and therefore not my remote LAN, nor the internet (when “All traffic through vpn” is on).

I can send all my configuration files, but they are the defaults generated by foris-openvpn-plugin. I recently restored my Turris from MedKit, and had previously (months ago now) had OpenVPN working fine. Is this a known problem? I see other complaining about it.

Any help appreciated. I have already spent more time on this than is reasonable. Thanks!

OPENVPN setting
Turris OS 3.11.3 in RC
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If you’re interested what happened, look to the issue on our Gitlab:

and also Turris OS 3.11.3 RC thread