FORIS interface errors when trying to view wan or lan settings

since a few updates (and even with the latest one) I get errors when trying to view lan or wan settings in FORIS:

Remote Exception: Internal error Uci record was not found ‘network.lan.proto’.(’<class ‘foris_controller.exceptions.UciRecordNotFound’>’)

Remote Exception: Internal error Retval=4 for (’/bin/ubus’, ‘-S’, ‘call’, ‘network.interface.wan’, ‘status’)(’<class ‘foris_controller.exceptions.BackendCommandFailed’>’)

Any idea?

Thx and bye.

It likely is fixed with Foris 99.2 in upcoming TOS3.11.3

You could either give it a try with the current RC (switch-branch) or wait for the actual release and see whether it is still present

I have the same problem.
When will Foris 99. 2 available and what is TOS3.11. 3 ?

operation system (OS)

Meanwhile we have 99.7.1, but the problem still exists 8-(

Sorry, you seems to went under the radar.

Could you please post whole error message and output of ubus call network.interface.wan status?


I’m a little bit late to this thread, but this one is not gonna be fixed by automatic updates, because both of these issues were caused most probably by misunderstanding some settings.

The first error tells you that it couldn’t find value of network.lan.proto. In LuCI → Interfaces → LAN, you can choose one of protocol, which suits you better. By default, I think there’s static address.
The second one means that it cannot find the WAN interface. If you don’t use WAN interface, but you’re using WAN6 interface, you don’t need to delete it. Disabling WAN interface will do the same job. You can add the interface back in LuCI or you can add these rows to /etc/config/network

config interface 'wan'
option ifname 'wan'
option proto 'none'

Oops, you’re right - but in a different way 8-<
I renamed everything, so I really dont’t have lan or wan interfaces!

I thought, Foris would be intelligent enough to recognize that, but obviously it doesn’t.
And I was blind enough to not seeing that 8-(


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