Flashing the factory image

i am wondering if it is somehow possible to flash the factory image. i use the turris omnia with openwrt pre-configured. i build the openwrt image each time a new version is released and flash that to the router. it has some “special” configuration (e.g. ip addresses etc.), so if possible, i would like to flash that version over the factory version, for the case i ever have to reset to factory reset, i can reset it to the preconfigured version and dont have to switch cables etc.

I don’t understand your question very well, it’s written a bit loosely and vaguely for me. I personally create and export the current image of each functional version of TOS using schnapps to my computer.

I can use such a backup at any time (an example is replacing an mSATA SSD) on the factory installation of the image omnia-medkit-latest.tar.gz or even better use this backup omnia-medkit-Turris_JB-413.tar.gz for this purpose.

imagine i have to use the recovery function (reset button, iirc 4 LEDs), then i have to re-configure my system. i know there is a backup function, but this backup function does not work for me because i use openwrt, not TOS. therefore, i’d like to replace the factory image with openwrt - preconfigured. so in case something unexpected happens, i can do a factory reset and have my openwrt configured as it was when it worked, and not TOS.

english is not my native language btw.

You flashed OpenWRT so you should ask on OpenWRT forum. OpenWRT lacks functionality of BTRFS snapshots (schnapps) and your scenario is not supported here.

Edit: Sorry I just realized I necro-bumped this topic but it should be closed anyway