Firewall - user rules missing after Save & Apply


I have some iptables entries (and restoring mwan3 marking rules) in /etc/firewall.user but after applying firewall configuration in luci these entries are missing.

Any tweak or trick?

There is big difference between reload/restart in general , especially for openwrt using uci/luci for config.
/etc/init.d/firewall restart (that just reuse already pre-generated config and restart service) and /etc/init.d/firewall reload (check all configs/sub-configs for syntax and if fine use it and you should get the final output config on your shell screen (so you can check if that firewall.user one was actually correctly loaded and used or skipped). If used/loaded you should see the rules later on via Luci web-ui.

Also there is section in firewall (custom rules) to put user iptables rules and that worked always fine for me. (when setting openvpn). I did not change firewall rules directly on shell (and if so for some reason, i always use uci commands and when done; uci-commit for such config, otherwise your change might get lost).