Firewall rule with hostname instead of IP

I have my Turris at my parrents and I want to allow ssh access to Turris from my dynamic public IP only. I have ddns record. Can I use firewall rule with my ddns hostname instead of dynamic IP?


I’m afraid not.
But you can use port knocking and/or ssh certificate for increased security.

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Instead of opening public accessible ssh-port you might want to have an openvpn-server running on the destination TO to access it’s lan-interface (and from there private ssh-port). For openvpn just use foris one-clicki-solutions.

OpenVPN isn’t solution for me. I don’t want any port opened to the internet. Same story like with ssh. Just want rule for allow one hostname. I can write script with lookup IP behind hostname and add it to the firewall, but Im asking if there is any easier solution for lazy girl :slight_smile: