Firewall log custom path/file

it seems that logged packets are writen to the kernel log. it there a way write logged packets to a custom path/file instead?

do you have data collection enabled?

If yes, please see this thread, because this is duplicate:

also based on this Log error questions - #7 by Pepe - SW bugs discussion - Turris forum
you need to configure syslog-ng.

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@Pepe data collection is not enabled.

Suppose I need to look into configuring syslog-ng then (sigh), which seems like overkill/behemoth for a simple matter. If not mistaken syslog-ng filters and forwards log message but does not prevent logged packets being written to the kernel log. Notwithstanding consuming system resources.

Is there any other way to redirect logged packet messages from being written to the kernel log, like a system variable?

Seems that netfilter has no option but to log to system log and it needs a userspace logging daemon. Perhaps will have a look at ulogd though as being related to netfilter related logging