Firewall down? Daily e-mail from Turris notifications

Since the last update from Turris I get everyday a E-Mail from turris notification that says:

During the previous day, following downtime of your router “Firewall 1” was recorded:

Firewall: 24 hours
uCollect: 0 hours

The total sum of outages is currently 192 h.

I wrote an e-mail to and got the answer (4 days ago) :

Hello, thanks for your message. This is an issue with the data collection from
your router, which was caused by a bug of ours and will be fixed this evening
at the latest. You have done nothing wrong and we are working to fix it as soon
we can. Sorry for the unwaned e-mail. Best wishes, Nora Turris Support

But these notification messages still come everyday.

Is my firewall really down? What can I do?

Your firewall isn’t down. It is Project Turris not receiving a firewall log from your router.
Did you try disabling, re-enabeling data collection in NuCI?

Did you try it do: “opkg update &&”?