Filter out CZ forums

Please add some way for me to opt-out of seeing the [CZ] forums from browsing and searching.

I understand that a specific Cz section could be there (for those that are unable to write English), but I do wonder how we could stimulate English as the first language on this forum (I doubt that such a language filter would ever be implemented - and also I’d rather have mods stimulate the English language, as otherwise knowledge may be cloaked by such a filter; hiding it from the general public that may be scared-off by it).

One could argue that people should be able to post in their own language (esp. seeing this is a Cz initiative), but as a last resort only IMHO (read: not chauvinistically motivated). I’m wondering whether that balance is in place here.

I.o.w.: how many post could actually have been in English (i.e. not excluding the rest of the world from the knowledge containing in those posts)?

Sometimes I translate the stuff on IRC, but I was trying to use translate Google, but you cant translate forum by URL :frowning: , you will need to use copy&paste.

What I can tell you the most important replies comes from @Vaclav
You can find his posts and translate them

I’m not trying to ban Cz or any other language from the forums. I would just like a way to filter out non-English hits from a search, or looking at unread, etc. Along with the reverse, I’m sure some Cz people would like to filter out English hits on searches if they can’t read English.

Thank you for your feedback, it is not part of the forum settings right now but I’ll try to work it out.

The important thing is that you will never miss anything, I write every important information in English as it is our preferred language.


Much appreciated @Vaclav !!

If you go to your forum settings (click on your picture and then on the little gear in the popup menu)

Then scroll down to Categories and you’ll find the section Muted.

If you enter here all the [CZ] categories like this…

…those categories won’t appear in your feed nor should you get noticed about them any longer.


That seems to have done the trick. Thanks!

@Vaclav Could you maybe have the open vpn manual translated (it is available in Cz only)?

No rush though… could be more pressing stuff going on naturally (I know how it is)…

I’m asking as my buddies and I will be configuring one in the (near) future. So it would come in handy!

@woosting look into installing softether into a LXC container. it’s pretty simple to do and far more powerful.

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Hi, we will do it ASAP :wink:

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