Ffmpeg over TLS kills the wifi

I’m having reoccurring problem which I believe only began to happen shortly after the Crack patching.

It seems that if I use ffmpeg to download a video stream over https and write it to a mounted volume over SMB3, the wifi communication will lock up. The wireless connection is still in place but the communication halts.
I either have to wait for 5 minutes or so or disconnect and then reconnect to the wifi and everything is back up and running again.

If I instead download the same stream using http instead, there is never a problem. Only over TLS.

I have a complete wireshark capture of the traffic and going through it shows following.

I’m seeing some duplicate ACK in same frame.
Between 37-38 seconds there’s TCP segment reassembling.
From the Source I get Encrypted Alert
Some SYN, ACK from Source followed by a couple of RST.
Some Handshaking, Server Hello.
Key exchange procedure and back to communicating again between source and destination.
Every fifth or tenth-ish frame I now get a segment reassembling.

Then suddenly everything halts.
I lose all connectivity, mounted volumes and other services. Secure or not.

After about 380 seconds I’m getting a new DHCP offer and slowly the communications are picking up again.

During this time. Other clients connected to my network over ethernet or wireless are not effected.

This happens on Mac Mini 10.12.6 and 10.13.0 and MacBook Pro retina with macOS 10.12.6 and 10.13.0.
It began to show shortly after the Crack patch was distributed.
I have two omnias. One that acts as the main edge device and the other as an AP to extend cover to hard to reach spots of the apartment but it does not matter on which I’m connected to.

I only have basic network knowledge so I hope there might be someone else that might be able to help out.

Try other TLS-based service that establishes a permanent connection. It’s strange that a TLS connection would crash the WiFi driver or cause a device disconnect. It’s possible that the problem is there, but you just don’t notice it with other services.

I downloaded a newer ffmpeg and so far it have been acting better then before. Although I have not pushed it as hard as before. But at least it looks far better!