Feature request - iptables with TRACE target

[This is a feature request, if this is the wrong category for it, I am sorry in advance]


could you include the TRACE target in the iptables you have on the TO? It allows for some nice firewall debugging and could also make some questions in this forum easier to answer.



Btw a very minor issue, it would be nice if the tracker would have the same login options as this forum, but I guess this depends on the services you use. Google login on the bug tracker is not supported.

Am I missing something? I can’t add any iptables rules with TRACE target and I do not find any related opkg packages (such as kmod-ipt-debug).

What package do I have to install to get iptables TRACE up and running?

Thank you very much in advance,

PS: I’m running Turris Omnia with TurrisOS 3.11.2