[Feature request] backport support AQL for ath10k and ath10k-ct

Dear team,

this year patches landed in OpenWrt master that implemented AQL (airtime queue limits) for ath10K and
ath10K-CT. Both exist currently only in master and have not (yet?) been back-ported to the 19.07 branch. These patches now offer working airtime fairness for ath10K -based radios, significantly improving the interactivity/usefulness of wifi links.
Now, if these patches are already in or on the way into TOS5, my respect and thanks. And if not I would like to encourage the team to have a deep look to figure out whether these might be candidates to pull in early for TOS5, given the unclear schedule for OpenWrt20 and the amount of “goodness” this feature could potentially deliver to ath1-K-based routers like the omnia…

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And kernel 4.19 or better 5.4.

Hello @moeller0,

Thank you for letting us know about the support of AQL for mac80211 and we will take a look and see if it will be possible to include it in Turris OS 5.0. The best way would be to convince OpenWrt developers to backport it to OpenWrt 19.07, so we would have it, too.

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This won’t happen to OpenWrt 19.07. You requested the same in this Czech thread: Verze kernelu 4.19 v OpenWrt 18.06 (Turris OS 4.x)? - Turris OS 4.x [CZ] - Turris forum and as well here Turris OS 5 is coming - #11 by anon50890781 - General discussion - Turris forum.

OpenWrt 19.07 uses kernel version 4.14, which is LTS and EoL is scheduled to January 2024. OpenWrt voted if they should have for the next release 4.19 or 5.4 and they agreed to have support of 5.4.

It could be backported.

EOL of LTS kernel 4.19 and 5.4 will be extended.