Fast roaming via Omnia operating as controller for multiple APs

In each of my two residences I have an Omnia fronting a collection of hardwired back haul APs . In one my APs are 5 Plume SuperPods, in the other, 4 (Google) Nest Routers. In neither case do I use one of the APs as a router, the most common configuration for these products.

I would like to optimize roaming in both environments. To the extent that any of 802.11 k, r and/or v are implemented in these APs, is there anything that my Omnias can or needs to do to support or optimize roaming?

If you enable 802.11r for example on your AP and they have the same SSID (mandatory!) Then simply bridgeing that in lan should work depends on the implementation in those AP. No special thing on Omnia. You could confirm with Wifi Analyzer app that your AP has +FT flag. Or try to run ssh session and walk around your APs and see if it disconnects.

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