Facing a little Router Login DCHP/Network issue


I just started setting my Omnia up and I already ran into the first problem: My modems assigns an IP address to the Omnia (the address is shown on Luci’s status page and in the modem’s DHCP lease list), but the Omnia cannot connect to the internet. I even tried the routerlogin website for the reference - https://routerlogin.onl/192-168-254-254/ but it didn’t work either.

The connection test on the DNS page fails completely. On the other hand on the Omnia’s hardware the WAN interface activity connector is blinking constantly.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance!

So it’s only DNS problem? For example, you can test on WAN tab in Foris, ping, etc.

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I guess. I did try to ping but no response.

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