Extra signal mixers/combiners

Hi, everyone! :slight_smile: I’m entertaining the idea of replacing the original AR9287 card (for the 2,4 GHz band) on my Omnia with an AR9380 (3x3:3, dual band, but I’ll restrict it to 2,4 GHz), but for this I would require another signal combiner. Does anyone know if there’s any possibility to buy extra ones? If so, where/how? Thanks in advance! :wink:

Gentle ping. Any information on this, Turris Team? Thanks!

I saw the question earlier somewhere here (maybe in CZ). CZ.NIC doesn’t supply/sell them (anymore). I think there’s schematics of it somewhere, though that won’t help most people. (To be clear, I’m not on the Turris team.)

Yeah, I have the schematics, obviously, I just don’t have the expertise to build them myself… :disappointed: