External domain policies in kresd are ignored (with include_config)

I am paricipating in the dn42 project and therefore i need a setup to resolve ‘.dn42’ top level domains. On my previous router with openwrt i had dnsmasq set up properly. I migrated the config to my Omnia, and generally, dnsmasq is still able to resolve dn42-domains.

However, i’d like to use it with knot. I read the documentation and according to the wiki article about the local lan resolving, i added the following line to my /etc/kresd/custom.conf

policy.add(policy.suffix(policy.STUB(''), policy.todnames({'dn42'})))

Nothing more, this is the only line (i do not understand the lines about removing the policy and adding it back in the lan-domain-setup-article). I tested it, and it isn’t working. A DNS request to a dn42 domain isn’t resolved by kresd. However, deactivating kresd and enabling dnsmasq as DNS works for me, but i’d like to use kresd, for DNSSEC and stuff.

Just adding dn42 as my home LAN domain in foris UI doesn’t work for me either, since the connection to the DN42 network provides access to several other unofficial top level domains, which i would like kresd to resolve as well, so i really need these policies in the custom.conf. But at the moment it seems that this file is ignored at all, although it is specified as option include_config in /etc/config/resolver.

Can anyone point me into the right direction please?