Extending Omnia wifi coverage

Hi all,

the Omnia’s wifi coverage is worse than what I had with my previous router/ap and I will need to address it. Let’s assume the following setup:

On Omnia - having 3 wifi networks configured (this works today):

  • Wifi5GHz - full access
  • Wifi24GHz - full access
  • Wifi24GHzGuest - restricted access to internet only

One way would probably be using wifi extender - I would have to find out if there are extenders which could extend all three networks. With wifi extender the restriction of Wif24GHzGuest would still apply. I heard that there are some limitations (like the extender itself needs to have good signal and it will always reduce the bandwidth etc.)

The other way I thought about is to have another access point with the same network SSIDs and connected to Omnia over Ethernet cable. I don’t have experience with access points so could anybody help me to understand if I would be able to configure all 3 wifi networks and keep the restriction for Wifi24GHzGuest network? Wouldn’t the AP have to support multiple vlans?

The second option would be my preferred option as I could place the AP to relatively good place where I have also Ethernet socket. However I don’t know if any AP could be configured this way.

Thanks for your insight.

@radekpribyl - you might take a look at this post. This is how I solved my wifi coverage problems. The result is excellent and much better than with my previous (quite expensive) commercial routers.

Hi, first I would try to remove the signal spliters, and to use dedicated antennas. Every element between antena and radio in signal way is somehow decreasing the performance. If this would be not enough, well, then you can start to toy with more powerfull wifi cards, as Tom mentioned above.

You might want to fix loose antenna connectors.

Hi all,

let me return to this topic. I’m not convinced that the more powerful wifi cards would solve the wifi coverage issue and they are already pretty expensive. So I’m inclining to the option of additional access point connected to TO over gigabit ethernet. I should be able to place the access point to much better position while TO needs to be placed in rack in technical room.

Does anybody have any suggestion for an access point which would support:

  • 802.11ac 5GHz
  • 802.11n 2,4GHz
  • single GB Ethernet (for connectivity to TO)
  • Wifi VLAN tagging - so that I could have 2 SSIDs on the same radio

I’m looking at Ubiquiti UAP-AC - just not sure if it isn’t overkill for home usage (I’m considering the Lite or LR version)

Any suggestions?

If I’m not mistaken those ubiquity’s can be flashed with LEDE. Then you can do everything you want, but you may have to read some documentation.

Look at Xiaomi routers or EspressoBin.
It doesnt make any sense to buy another expensive router, when you have one

Or buy better WiFi card, which is not based on same chip

// what I mention it could be also AP. Settings Are Up to you and I didnt look that you need cover 2 floors - that’s my fault.

I don’t want another router - just wireless access point - I don’t need any other features besides being able to tag SSID with VLAN. I’d buy different wifi card if I was sure that it was able to cover our whole house (2 floors)