Enterprise Console

Is there a way to manage many Turris Omnia routers from an Enterprise Console?
Say you have 40-60 Omnias in your organization and you want to manage them all remotely.
Good practice, policies, groups, etc.
Please do not suggest scripting :-).
I am really considering to deploy Omnias to an SMB organization.

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I’m working with enterprise solution (Extreme Networks WiNG - previous Symbol/Motorola) and I haven’t found any usable open-source alternative even for home usage and the price of Omnia is very close to WiNG APs - yes it doesn’t have that many LAN/WAN/USB ports but in case where you want to manage multiple APs there’s usually no need for them.

But I would be happy if someone have different experience/solution

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I think you might want to take a look at OpenWISP, which is described in the community documentation: https://wiki.turris.cz/doc/en/public/openwisp or you can use Ansible.

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Not working for me (lxc with Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora).

But as Omnia does not support netboot PXE or DHCP by default so each device require quite some time to get it online and connected to OpenWISP server, it would be better to generate custom image and use USB to load it.

@Pepe it is possible to disable USB recovery mode if one would like to make it harder to use stolen device managed this way ?