Enable lighttpd/reforis/luci logging?


just a (hopefully) quick one: what’s the recommended way to enable logging in lighttpd, e.g to trace failed login attempts? I’m on HBL branch (5.2).


let me rephrase this: currently I’m working on a new banIP version (incl. Turris support). It includes a small utility which monitors the log to receive suspicious “failed logins” from ssh, luci, etc.

ssh in Turris OS is OK but I’ll get no failed logins from luci and/or re-foris. Is there any switch to enable this kind of logging?


P.S. Please no discussion if it’s usefull to open such WEB GUIs to WAN side. :wink:

You can check this for logging options:

Btw ssh and Luci by default are available only from LAN if you haven’t allowed incoming connections from wan or other networks.

Since this thread for revived after one year, I need to share some progress regarding it.

This is currently done only for LuCI.

OpenWrt master branch:

OpenWrt 21.02 branch:

Regarding (re)Foris, I also have good news as well available since OpenWrt 21.02. :slight_smile: