Enable/Disable Foris in clean way


Is there some nice way, how to disable “nicely” Foris interface? I get used to just turn off uhttp/lighthttp to shutdown Luci, but this Foris has some python script, runned from somewhere and I will like avoid possible conflicts as I dont know, how it is managed.

I dont wanna completelly remove Foris, as I am using Updates ON/OF switch (unfortunatelly cant use updater.sh independently), and in future maybe I will use Foris for Majordomo install/config.

Anyway, I always turn admin interfaces down on my WRT routers, and enabling them only on configuration.

Thanks for any hints

Ah, I just found out, that python is runned directly from lighttp, and it is also shutdowned with lighttp. Thats fine for me :slight_smile: