Ebtables won't run: segmentation fault

ebtables seg faults even when run with no options:

root@turris:~# ebtables
Segmentation fault

It looks like this was mentioned in the old forum as well but never fixed: https://www.turris.cz/forum/topic_show.pl?tid=1489 I’d like to be able to run ebtables to use the ipv6 brouter script mentioned here, this relies on a working ebtables: https://wiki.openwrt.org/ipv6_brouter

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I think it will be better to report this problem directly via email to them.

I’m not the original poster but I have already reported it to them using that email address something like two months ago. I also included a link to a fix. They have not responded so I think it would be nice if somebody else would also email them about the issue.

I can ping only @Vaclav to look at it.

Would you be willing to post the fix here? Getting ebtables working would definitely help me find a way to resolve an ipv6 related issue I’ve been having on my setup. Do you have a working ebtables binary?

We have responded all email came from the address you are using on this forum. If you have any other, please send it to me via PM here.

I sent you a PM about this. Thanks.

I think this is the issue:


I have not compiled a new binary because I haven’t setup a development environment for Turris.