Dual Stack configuration for Omnia router


how I can configure the Omnia router for Dual Stack access what the ISP provide me?
Actually I have with PPPoE protocol what I used configured the internet connection and I have deactivate the IPv6 connection. The reason therefore are some problems with IPv6 (s. thread here: Pppd killed on ….

Now I have spoken again with my ISP and they provide me the manual to setup the internet access for Dual Stack in below:

So sorry! It is only in German language available but I hope you can understand the facts.
Could you please ask me and I can translate what ever you need.

For me it is not clear how it is works the Dual Stack configuration in the TurrisOS/OpenWRT and how I can configured this.

I have read about some problems with the Dual Stack and it seems they are related with an bug but I am not sure.

Maybe you can support me and if you need something else than let me know this.

Means Dual Stack configuration that I configure IPv4 and IPv6 together?
In my case via PPPoE and DHCPv6 connection?

Thanks a lot

Documentation is available [OpenWrt Wiki] IPv6


OK, thanks a lot.
This is what I have done.
I think the router has an unidentified IPv6 problem or maybe I am to stupid to configure the Dual Stack connection :slight_smile:

Do you have these settings on your FB https://avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-3270/wissensdatenbank/publication/show/1239_IPv6-Subnetz-in-FRITZ-Box-einrichten/?

The shown settings from the FB are provided from my ISP as a general description. If the rent FB from the ISP in use than they are using DS-Lite.
Only you are using your own router the settings are for Dual Stack.

what are the symptoms of

Because from your last reports

Doesn’t work with IPv6.
I’ve check with one friend (works in the IT area) and w/o any success.
I’ve read so often in the net from issues with IPv6 in relation with different routers.
Maybe it’s related in this direction.

That does not provide any sort of useful information, plus in the other thread you not only stated that your TO node achieved IPv6 upstream connectivity with the ISP but even posted a screenshot where your TO node got a public IPv6 with /56 prefix from the ISP.

Sorry to say that but I think we can stop here for the moment.
For me it’s unbelievable and maybe it’s related to me but I’ve no chance in this way.
Have a look to the other thread.
You are also one of the main actor of the thread and I want to say again thanks a lot for your support and effort which you’ve spend.