Dropbear seriously outdated

Turris Omnia - rtrom01
Turris OS 3.9.6
Kernel 4.4.119-082ea0f4a4e204b99821bedcb349ed54-0
Firmware OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055 / LuCI 49c3edd5861fd032fa8379ceda525c27a908a114 branch (git-17.212.24321-49c3edd)
dropbear 2015.67-1

Whilst the package is actively maintained in the upstream repo and there currently being offered as version 2017.75 TO is again (and again) providing a badly outdated version aged 3 years. :anguished: :weary:

closing it. Let’s see my reply here

Dropbear is currently not our priority and it will be updated in Turris OS 4.0, because we use full-featured openSSH.