DOS vulnerability of the omnia

I noticed that you can deny any access to the Omnia if you run something like nmap or testssl against the Omnia. Established connections still work, so if you are connected via ssh or you are already on the webinterface with a established TCP connection you can still use the Omnia, but if you don’t have that you are locked out till the scan stops or you hard reboot the omnia because you can’t establish any new connection.
Is this on purpose and can i somehow up some connection limited so i can still access my Omnia or is this a bug?
Version is Powered by LuCI d741f93bc5c0d0d8cb7b71a2eec82a7d85ca64e9 branch (git-19.169.47954-d741f93) / OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055

Thanks for help

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look for # syn_flood synflood_rate synflood_burst