Domotz on Turris Omnia?

Will it be possible to use Domotz agent on openwrt router Turris Omnia?

More about them

Hmmm. Their web site says it runs on a RaspberryPi. Possibly you could run it in a LXC container on the Omnia (Debian/Ubuntu). Unfortunately you have to sign up to download the trial copy, I’m not interested in doing that but if you are, I’d say give it a try and see.

Truth is. This is nice piece of software, yet it is closed source and can pose danger to your data.

They do have nice app for web and mobiles on the other hand.

Does anyone know about similiar open-source software(packages) like this?

Updater including Domticz

Install via Updater, then turris.local.ip:8080