Does Turris Omnia have EEE?

Does anyone know if the Turris Omnia has Energy Efficient Ethernet? And if so, is there a way to disable it? I work with Dante audio and my home network seems to be having some noise issues that make me suspect EEE is enabled somewhere. I can’t find anything in the documentation that suggests it’s there.


Not sure but try ethtool, it will tell you if called with the correct invocation.
opkg update ; opkg install ethtool to install ethtool if not installed already;
then use ethtool -h to see an overview of the command line arguments. I think it should be something like ethtool --show-eee eth2 but that is from memory and most likely slightly wrong, also make sure to select the correct device name. Not sure whether that would work with the ports on the omnia’s switch though…

Hey, thanks that was really helpful! I didn’t realize there was a --show-eee flag. Super cool. Looks like EEE is not supported, and in my case, that’s exactly what I need. Thanks again!