Dnsmasq (used as DNS-server) randomly crashes with errormessage

Is anyone getting the following error-message:

warning dnsmasq[2303]: Maximum number of concurrent DNS queries reached (max: 150)

I’m using dnsmasq (not dnsmasq-full) as my dns-resolver. I disabled knot and unbound as described in many threads in this forum. After the error-message shows up dnsmasq isn’t responding to DNS-querys any longer. This happens approximately once a day.

My network is very small so I am pretty sure there aren’t that many real dns-querys.

Maybe some additional notes:

  • My ISP uses DualStack Lite IPv4/IPv6 (UnityMedia, Germany)
  • My turris works behind the router of my ISP (tc7200). IPv4 is NATed, IPv6 is done via prefix-delegation (yes, the tc7200 finally supports prefix delegation!)
  • The turris router gets it’s WAN-Network via DHCP from the ISP-router
  • The turris uses the local DNS-Server provided by the router of my ISP to forward DNS-requests to.

Why did you disabled knot?