Dnsmasq / kresd / odchpd?


As Turris OS 3.8 is completely broken here (even after a factory reset), i.e.

  1. DHCP doesn’t work as expected by default (doesn’t send IPv4 address),
  2. “register DHCP devices in DNS” doesn’t work

I’m currently busy with fixing all those things. Is there an up-to-date documentation of how kresd, dnsmasq and odhcpd are intended to play together in Turris OS 3.8? Which is the DNS server (seems to be kresd), which is the DHCP server (seems to be odchpd, but it doesn’t send IPv4 addresses, and “register DHCP devices in DNS” changes dnsmasq settings)?

The default DNS is kresd.

I’m not so sure about DHCP – perhaps dnsmasq as server (LAN) and odhcpd as client (WAN).

I’m not aware of any documentation beyond https://www.turris.cz/doc/en/start and I see no DHCP in there…