DNS not working

I just put my Omnia into the NAS enclosure I got today. Since then, DNS is no longer working. Since I didn’t do anything but create additional mount points, I don’t see any connection, so it might as well be coincidence.

How would I go about debugging this? The Foris DNS page connection test gives me “OK” in IPv4 connectivity and gateway and “Error” on everything else – okay for IPv6 which I don’t use but bad for DNS… Any help greatly appreciated.

Update Disabling DNS forwarding and DNSSEC fixed the problem. Now, DNS still works even after reenabling both. Anybody have any idea what went wrong here?

Complete DNS breakage on forwarding+DNSSEC is typically due to ISP’s DNS. I would recommend DNSSEC without forwarding; I hope that will work for you.

Well I had both on since I got the Omnia (about 3 weeks ago) without any problems. And as I said, after turning both off and then on again, DNS functionality is back. So it should have been some temporary glitch.