DNS configuration via Luci broken

I have noticed that all the changes I’m doing in Luci web interface for DNS are ignored. It shows that it is dnsmasq configuration. After checking via SSH, I have noticed that a few things are not consistent with a web gui:

  • all settings for DNS configured via web GUI are ignored, local names (assigned by dhcp, default domain: .lan) are not resolving correctly
  • dnsmasq service in Luci is configured as Enabled, kresd service in Luci is configured as Disabled
  • checking via shell shows that service kresd is indeed enabled and it’s listening on port 53, dnsmasq is also running but it’s not used as DNS service

With no lan names resolution for us the router is basically worth nothing and we reverted to old setup. Is there any way to make sure that the settings from luci web interface for DNS are correctly applied to the system, that local DNS resolution works and that this damn kresd is disabled? Or do I have to return the box and get another, working router?

You want to click in Foris / DNS / “Enable DHCP names in DNS”: https://demo.turris.cz/foris/config/main/dns/ AFAIK the local names just work.

You are correct that dnsmasq isn’t used for DNS by default and thus the DNS settings in dnsmasq’s panel in luci won’t have the desired effect. Some users disable knot-resolver or use forwarding for the local names or switched to vanilla openwrt… but such variants aren’t officially supported.

Great, thanks a lot for quick feedback. That works indeed, I was able to solve my problem and local resolution works well. One note, when changing local domain in Foris from “.lan”, I had to apply same change to dhcpd (it does not use the setting from Foris). Have a great day!

I wonder whether either a luci page for configuring the knot-resolver could be added or maybe knot-resolver could evaluate and honor those settings in the current DNS luci page that are applicable (bonus points for making the resolver selectable from luci). I mean having options is great, and I fully understand that you would want to push knot, so all I am proposing is to make it slightly easier to configure. Or alternatively explain why configurability is actually not a good idea :wink:

Best Regards