DNS changes after 3.3 update

Just installed the 3.3 update and now have the following problems with DNS:

  • Local domain is not resolving - from my laptop I can no longer get to http://myroutername.mylocaldomain - it gets forwarded to my ISP DNS, and a dig or nslookup from the router results in the same.
  • Queries are forwarding to my ISP DNS, not the servers that I defined (I’m getting the terrible dns search pages from my ISP, instead of google DNS)

I suspect it is due to a config change I made due to some local domain issue I was working with before the update, but I need a pointer on what config files to look at now after the update. I’m not sure what resolvers are being used anymore.


Neither we are. So run a netstat -ulnp | grep :53 to see what resolver are you using.

Regarding the issue of forwarding queries to the DNS servers of your ISP, set the option peerdns '0' for your wan and wan6 interface.