DNS and DHCP config in one file possible?

Hi Guys,

currently i am using a fritzbox with freetz as router. I use reserved ip adresses in dhcp server to ensure the the ip adresses in my lan will not change. furthermore i use a own tld named .lan to access the ip devices in my lan via dns.

To config this i just need to add a line like this to in the freetz gui: 09:00:37:0A:40:10 * server_2

So the dhcp is configured to set ip to MAC 09:00:37:0A:40:10 .
DNS is configured to resolve server_2.lan to

Is it possible to config a turris omnia router this way?



Yes you can set static leases with an associated hostname. This hostname is then available through hostname.lan.
The setting is available in the DHCP section of the luci interface.