Disabled DHCP on Turris Omnia Brings Down Windows DHCP Service

We are in the process of deploying our new Turris Omnia router in place of our current Tomato Router. Yesterday we tried to go live with the new Turris router, our lan network, was able to reach out to the internet just fine. I was going through our checklist of things to test for when this new router went live. One of them was to test if we can remote back into our network, this proved to be successful but, I made the mistake of doing a VNC into my home computer and accidentally remoted into the host I was currently working on! Needless to say, I had to restart my computer, and during this process I luckily realized that our Windows DHCP server had been brought down even though our network has DHCP disabled on lan, the has DHCP enabled as this is our guest network. The network was handing out IPs as to be expected but, wasn’t able to connect to the internet, this will be a different topic. I ran the command net start dhcpserver on our Domain Controller, my computer was able to get an IP lease again.
Why the Window DHCP service be brought down if the DHCP service is disabled on the Omnia on the network? I know it’s the default feature of Windows DHCP to be brought down if it detects another DHCP server but, the Omnia wasn’t even handing out addresses in the .16.0/24 space. Would simply running the net start dhcpserver command next time I deploy solve this issue? I have to wait till the next available window to do another deployment attempt.