Disable LXC emmc notifications

Hello there:

Long time ago I installed a msata drive on my turris and moved all partitions to this following this guide:


So currently my eMMC is not in use at all. However the router is constantly sending notifications about running containers in the internal memory is unsupported bla bla bla…

I think that there is a very easy way to detect if the eMMC is in use or not, and that is comparing the size of the internal memory device and avoid sending notifications of this. I don’t know if there is a way to disable it completely.

Thank you!

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I still have this problem, I really appreciate if someone can suggest a possible solution.

Thank you!

What sort of notification - email, Foris UI, cli, syslog?

I would like to remove eMMC notifications in email and Foris UI. cli and syslog are much less annoying.


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Is this TOS3.x?

There is some code in that (stable) branch (could not find it for any of the HB* branches) that creates LXC specific notification package/system/turris-version/Makefile · test · Turris / openwrt · GitLab

If that is the notification you are referring to

“You are running container $$name from internal memory which is not recommended and can severally damage your router! This is not covered by warranty! Please use storage module in Foris to move it somewhere else!”

then there is likely nothing to be done about it by the user, other than upgrading to a HB* branch probably or reporting a potential issue to the developers.

The notification routine leverages a different approach that may however is not working as intended, unless eMMC is inadvertently mounted somehow.