Different final color and promissed tests

Dear Team,

I know that you are doing your best to start production line and send as soon as possible routers to all backers.
But as I wrote in comments on indiegogo the final color of blue case differs from this which was voted.
You are informing us about hard work to start production line but where is still no info about performance tests (WAN/SFP/CPU/etc.) which you promised and can be done on prototype.

thx in advance

Lighting? Colors are hard

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There is now a comment from the campaigner Bedrich Kosata in Indiegogo’s commens section:

It is always a problem when dealing with colors in electronic media. The blue color on the photo we released yesterday seems darker than in reality. I will try to post a better picture of the blue version later today.

OK, so here is finally the photo I promised. My colleague made a photo with the RAL sample book where the Himmelblau RAL 5015 color is visible. This is the one we use both in production and tried to replicate on the preview images. As you can see, it looks much lighter here than on the previous photo. If you can have a look at the RAL 5015 color somewhere, it would be the best way to judge it.


Now that I see the blue, I am taking a liking to it. Initially, when it was still possible, I decided on carbon black. Now it is locked in. Would it be possible to still change my color choice? I thought of asking here since you have your current delay in production.

@bedrich_kosata - thank you for this special photo for me, RAL is good referential palette :slight_smile: I’m still thinking that first version of this color was more pastel but for me ral5015 is acceptable :slight_smile:
thx for giving attention to my question I keep my fingers crossed for final production of PCBs.

@PawelS They can’t post any “function” test if they don’t have any usable protype ( PCB problems ).

Thanks for posting the picture of the blue router, is it possible to post a similar picture for the silver router?

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Here it is. It is not the best picture, but I hope it helps.

Thanks for them pictures (I can almost “smell” them!)! :slight_smile:

Too bad the logo-color on the gray/silver/anodized-aluminum one is changed to stark-contrasting solid black though (replacing the slightly-less-light-gray logo; of which I really enjoyed the subtlety).

But this is just “nitpicking” and regarded as a whole it does have a nice industrial-quality look.

Seconded. I can finally see the real blue shade and I prefer the blue one over the one that I chose, which is silver.

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maybe you can trade/swap your casings later? if everyone requests to change color now, you will clutter the guys with paperwork unneccessarily.

Thing is, we were misinformed about the shade and in 3 different pictures we can see 3 different shades of blue. Only the latest one is the proper one.

“misinformed”, lol… please try to take a picture and reproduce the same color on your screen, printer, whatever… please try, before you make accusations (remember occams razor?)

I don’t need to try since I was given a colour code that can be checked independently.

Thanks for that RAL color code. It’s color what we use in my work, so i can change color of NAS case.

Thanks, but what about the promised performance-tests? Especially the hardware-accelerated crypto-module would be of much interest: VPN-, SSH- und NAT-throughput over every interface.