Different accounts at turris.cz

Hello ?

Has turris.cz changed something somehow ?
I cannot login there any more ? new system ? new software at turris.cz ?
I was registered at turris.cz with my omnia-router ?!

At moment only forum.turris.cz works - am back into it.


I can confirm that we have a new website on Turris.cz. It’s not related to software, which is running on our router. We didn’t change anyhow Project Turris. To this site, you will get from your router in administration interface Foris, where you may want to opt-in for Data collection. Once you are registered and you’re sending data, you can see statistics for downloads, IPv4/IPv6 traffic, logged firewall packets and so on.

If you decide to check SSH honeypot in Updater tab, which is in administration interface Foris, then there you may find attempts to your SSH on the website of Honeypot as a Service and what attackers were trying to do.

With account MojeID.cz, you’re able to use it for logging it into Project Turris, Honeypot as a Service and also on other websites.

It can be possible that you forget your password. On all our websites, you can request a new one. We don’t delete anything.