Difference in size schnapps medkit versus schnapps export

I have installed a system on mSATA SSD drive. I have 37 Gb of data in the /srv/share folder. If I create a snapshot that is about 90 Mb in size, If I export the snapshot, It compresses this the huge share folder too. That’s data I don’t want in the disk backup. How do I edit settings ?

Understanding the Linux Directory Layout

Use the /mnt/ directory instead of /srv/

I don`t undestand where ! In output path ?

schnapps export 252 /mnt/shareSSD …instead… /srv/shareSSD …OR … /shareSSD

It don’t work. In what config file ?

/srv/ is specific folder created in the Foris menu stored on a flash drive.

This been reported [1] to the developers 7 months ago but been dismissed. It does not make sense that directories that are not mounted on the root being exported.

[1] https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/schnapps/issues/9