DHCP doesn't provide 2 DNS-servers

Hello everybody! :slight_smile: Need some help with DHCP settings. Situation now is: we have another DHCP-server which leases IP-address, gateway and 2 DNS-servers for each client. So we tried to apply the same settings to Turris but it provides just its own DNS. For example, we need:

gateway: (Turris)

But Turris provides only:
gateway: (Turris)

How can we change settings to make Turris possible to lease & or at least just but not only Thank you.

Take a look at the interface settings in Luci. You can manually define the DNS-Server-IP distributed via DCHP (Example is provided in description next to the according textbox in Luci)

Sorry, can’t find this option or textbox. I see only “DNS forward” but this is not I need. Can you explain more detail? Here is screenshot:

Under „Advanced Settings“

Do you mean this option?

Network -> Interface -> LAN ( for example ) -> at the botom of the page DHCP Server - Advanced Settings

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Wow! :smiley: Finally found! Thank you very much!