DHCP broken after update

DHCP on my router is broken after the recent update, I can no longer connect via wifi or lan unless an IP is specified, nothing is showing in active DHCP assignments either. Can anyone help?

Problem fixed, turns out kresd service has enabled itself after the update causing dnsmasq not to be able to start due to a port 53 being used by kresd, disabling kresd fixed the issue.

If you don’t use kresd then uninstall it (see documentation on how to configure updater so it won’t install it back). Otherwise kresd is automatically enabled on its every update so you would have same experience basically every single update.

Will do, thanks for help.

Wouldnt it be nice if this was a configuration in Foris like:
o Kres (DNSsec)
o DNSmasq (without DNSsec)
o DNSMasq-full (DNSsec)

Foris supports only Kresd or Unbound as a resolver. So from our point of view that would be something like choose between working and broken router. Nothing we want to have in foris. No, current setup where you have to know what you are doing is better.

Why do you need dnsmasq anyway? It made sense before we implemented dns from dhcp but I don’t know reason why to use dnsmasq now.

Well, i mainly use dnsmasq as a resolver because of its performance (speedwise) over kresd. Some sites just take an awful lot of time to resolve. Although its not as bad as it was.

And how do you have it configured? Do you have forwarding on? I can’t say that I have noticed that it would be just slow but of course I haven’t run any benchmarks so I don’t know (it’s just my feeling that it’s not slow).

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The default combination (forwarding to ISP’s servers and DNSSEC-validating the result) is often problematic, unfortunately. If it happens (also) without forwarding, some particular slow names would be interesting, especially if we can reproduce the slowness locally.