Device detection

I added this package in Foris: device detection - software for detecting new devices on local network (EXPERIMENTAL).

Does it have a UI in Foris or Luci?

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This package exists already for some time. What this does is send you a email if a new device is detected on your network. So for example, a friend of yours comes to your house and asks for your wifi-password. You give it to him and he connects to your wifi-network. Your Turris Omnia then sends a email (if you have configured the email settings off course) to your email address notifying you of the new device it has connected. You will see the macadres and sometimes if known also the name of the manufacturer.

This feature is very handy because when somebody unauthorized connects to your network while you are not aware of anybody familiar that is even around has connected to your network, you then take the necessary steps. For example taking steps to enhance the security. But it also has no webinterface besides what i described it does.

Thanks for the information.