Device Dead on Arrival

I just received my Turris Omnia this week, connected it as instructed, pointed my browser at, and… nothing. I’ve emailed them, but no response. How do I get in touch with them to resolve this?

Meantime do you have UART cable? You can check what’s wrong.
They will respond to you soon. They’re overwhelmed, right now.

Too little info to judge. Have you checked the cable? Did you try to simply ping omnia? Did you hard-reset it? Does it light up?

Tech support will ask similar questions anyway, so you might start in advance.

Sure, no problem. The cable’s fine. Ping = no route to host. It does light up, but it never leaves the startup light sequence; not sure if that’s supposed to be normal for a first startup. The reset button seems to do nothing.

this might help a bit, at least you’ll diagnose if it is operational on basic level

Thanks. When I say “seems to do nothing,” I mean that the reset button doesn’t move when pressed, and the light sequence described in the reset document doesn’t happen; it just continues with the startup light sequence.

Perhaps the button is simply stuck and your router is stuck in reset loop? Try full disassembly and reassembly, there are (sadly) infrequent problems with router assembly quality. You might also want to try to run it outside the enclosure. Do wear rubber gloves or antistatic band while doing it.