Delivery date: a little delay, so what

I just learned about al little delay of one or two months – and I must confess that I don’t care. The Turris Omnia is a very ambitous project of technologists, it’s not product #1000 of a multinational hardware manufacturer. And I’d rather wait a little longer for a well designed router with open source software and almost completely open hardware than instantly pick the usual crap from the shelf. By the way: the cz.nic guys could’nt expect their project to be such an success, for them it was a kind of avalanche of orders.


Agreed 100%. So you guys at cz.nic, don’t worry about it. You guys already made something that we want, so just because of that we are grateful. Those 2 months are nothing compared to a lifetime without spending money on new router.

Exactly that; rather not make concessions and have a good solid open source (!) router with nice specs. I’d rather wait a little than have things rushed.

So let’s just all chill for a bit and let Cz.nic do their thing. I’m sure they’re doing whatever they can (and AFAIK it is out of their hands right now… as it is mostly their suppliers that are/will be late)!

Maybe they’ll even use the time for more documentation / software features (and/or enhanced quality ofc.).

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And maybe add stretch goal for jubilee 1M$. :slightly_smiling::gift: