Default packages - br-lan dependencies?


I would like to separate Wifi from the LAN. So I think I will not have bridged LAN+Wifi interfaces (if I am correct).

I accidentally noticed, that lxc conf. file contains br-lan configuration. This is question to turris developers / Omnia team: Which default (pre-instaled) packages contains br-lan configuration parts?

I dont want to break basic configuration, when I “strip” Wifi interface(s) from the bridge (possibly via editing config files, I dont trust Luci so much). And also I want my omnia handle any future updates via updater, without problems in this regard. So what else I must take care?

Is that makes sense? I am not so experienced, and I believe that you guys will know exactly, what is configured that way from the factory.

Thank you very much for the tips.

Edit: Second thoughs: Maybe it will be enough to define new wifi interface, from VLAN Configuration Omnia I see, that maybe br-lan stays anyway, because two ethernet ports from SoC. But anyway, I will appretiate answer/correction from experienced person that myself :slight_smile: