DDNS problem with Kresd


I have been using omnia with dns forwarding disabled for a very long time without any problems, But now I started noticing a problem with DDNS. The ip address of the Lookup Hostname keeps changing between my actual ip address and to my old one. I checked the logs on the ddns service provider and everything is fine, it only reports my actual ip on all the latest refreshes. I disabled ddns service and still the ip on Lookup Hostname kept changing! So it wasn’t related to ddns service itself, something else was changing the ip address. I went to foris and enabled dns forwarding with tls and everything started working properly. So this has to be something related to Kresd right? Any thoughts? Should I just start using ddns forwarding with tls? Thank you for your help.

That sounds like anyone should experience this when using kresd to resolve your name. Can you share the name with me (privately if you prefer), so that we can look into this? I believe this would be very hard to uncover without reproducing somehow.

Thank you for your reply. I sent you a private message with the name. By the way, thank you very much for your work!

I got delayed a bit. I can’t reproduce the problem locally – both authoritative nameserver IPs reply the same to me, but e.g. (usually) sends me a different reply, so apparently they’re not always consistent. (Google might be hitting a different anycast instance, or something.) I’m sending the results privately.

Hi! Thank you very much for your help! That seems consistent with what I’m seeing on my side. So nothing I can do to solve this, but wait. I’m just going to use dns forwarding from now on, and wait until everything starts working normally. Again, thank you very much!

You could try reporting this to the DDNS provider, as it seems most likely a problem on their side.